Wakefield Repertory Theatre

The Mission of Wakefield Repertory Theatre is to build and sustain a lasting forum within the community for all to participate in the exploration and enjoyment of the theatrical arts.

This mission is supported by four cornerstones, which are in turn supported by our strategic principles:

We persistently strive for excellence in all of WRT’s artistic endeavors.
We appreciate the power of the theatrical arts to both entertain and educate, and we seek within our body of work to accomplish both.
We believe that in any artistic undertaking, the process is as important as the final product, and we will not pursue the quality of one at the expense of the other.
As practitioners of an art form, we recognize our responsibility to expand the boundaries of that art, and we continually strive to push beyond the limits of what is familiar, comfortable and easily achieved.

Participation in WRT’s activities is open to any and all who are willing and able to fulfill the responsibilities of membership, regardless of race, origin, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other such factor.
While we recognize that the casting of some roles may be subject to reasonable constraints due to physical characteristics such as age or gender, we will encourage “non-traditional” casting wherever feasible.
In our choice of performance material over time, we will ensure a broad range of performance opportunities, for varied backgrounds, tastes and abilities.
We will encourage and sustain an environment that is open to and supportive of differing approaches and ideas, from our staff, our members, our audiences and other external resources.

We consider WRT to be an integral part of the community of Wakefield, and will seek always to act as a good corporate citizen, for the greater good of the community at large.
We will regularly seek and respond to opportunities to collaborate in a positive manner with other community organizations engaged in the promotion of the arts, and will be openly supportive of their efforts.
We view ourselves as ambassadors of the theatrical arts within the broader community, and will actively promote all aspects of theatre, with a particular emphasis on the promotion of community theatre.
We view other community theatre groups as our partners in this effort, not our rivals, and will engage with them in the exchange of information, ideas, and resources – directly and within umbrella associations.

As current guardians of WRT legacy, we will manage this organization today in a manner that ensures that it endures tomorrow – far beyond the individual tenure of any one individual or group of individuals.
We will establish processes and practices that are objective, consistent and transparent, and that will provide for seamless transfer of responsibilities from one group of individuals to another.
As trustees of the financial resources of the organization, we will ensure discipline and transparency in our financial practices, so as to preserve the long-term financial viability of the organization.
We will pro-actively provide opportunities for the theoretical and practical education of the next generation of WRT members – in the technical and management aspects of production, as well as performance.

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