EMACT Recognition Awards

The Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theatres was founded in 1986 to help promote the continuation of theatre in the Boston area. Each year EMACT consultants are sent to evaluate its members’ productions in an effort to promote each community’s outstanding achievements. We are proud that they have acknowledged our efforts with so many honors. Our successes include:


Shrek The Musical

Michela Galego DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actress (Musical)


The Wizard of Oz

Diego Clark DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actor (Musical)



Bridgit Smith DASH Award Winner of Best Youth Actress (Musical)
Cian Murphy DASH Award Winner of Best Youth Actor (Musical)
Lauren Abramson DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actress (Musical)
Gabriel Clark DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actor (Musical)
Liam Connelly DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actor (Musical)


Peter Pan

Sam Marcus Mayer, DASH Award Winner of 2015 Youth Actor
Briget Smith, DASH Award Winner of 2015 Youth Actress
Sarah Gyurina, DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actress
Ava Spies, DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actress
Olivia Dannenberg, DASH Nominee for Best Youth Actress


Kathleen Mullins Tringale, DASH Nominee for Best Choreography
Meaghan Ashley, DASH Nominee for Best Lead Actress in a Musical
Best Choreography for Kathleen Mullins Tringale
Best Lead Actress in a Musical for Meaghan Ashley


Into The Woods

Sara Rhuda EMACT Nominee for Best Young Actress for Cinderella


Bye Bye Birdie

Francesca Rizzo – Acting (”Kim“)


Disney’s ‘My Son Pinocchio’

Laura Caton, Brad Robinson & Mackenzie Maloney – Stage Management*
Kris Carbonneu & Kim Murphy – Costumes
Sarah DiTonno – Choreography

Little Women

Danielle Melillo – Acting (”Beth“)
Susan Eccarino – Acting (”Meg“)
May Ly Barnun – Acting (”Young Jo“)*


The Secret Garden

Isabelle Miller – Acting (”Mary Lennox“)



Tiffany Rose Glynn – Choreography
Isabelle Miller – Acting (”Jojo“)*



Mike Condon – Sound Design



Melissa Sousa – Acting (“Nancy”)
Stage Crew
Joe Vitti – Acting (“Artful Dodger”)
Aaron Rosenthal – Musical and Orchestral Direction
Ensemble – Musical Presentation


How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Frank Hildebrand – Acting (“J.B. Biggley”)
Marybeth Lang – Acting (“Hedy LaRue”)
Ernesto Anguilla – Acting (“Twimble & Womper”)
Margaret McCarty – Acting (“Rosemary Pilkington”)
Maura MacKay – Choreography
Amy Cook – Costume Design
Treasure Hunt Dancers

Meghan MacKay
Brianne Moss
Cydney Newman
Cara M. Palmerino
Elizabeth Sheldon
Sarah Talbot

Ensemble Performance – Full Cast
Jeffrey Gage – Musical Direction
Cara Green – Vocal Performance
Paul Sherman – Vocal Performance



Jeffrey Gage – Musical Direction
Laura Serafino Harbert – Acting (“Fiona”)
Mark Edwards – Acting (“Charlie Dalrymple”)
Sam Donato – Acting (“Mr. Lundie”)
Cydney M. Newman – Acting (“Maggie Anderson”)
Neal Truesdale – Lighting Design
Company – Outstanding Vocal Ensemble

Lost in Yonkers

Amy Cook – Acting (“Grandma”)
Christopher Charig – Acting (“Louie”)
Andrew Luongo – Acting (“Arty”)
Taylor Faulstich – Acting (“Jay”)
Lynda DiStefano – Acting (Gert”)
Ron Cook – Acting (“Eddie”)
Cathy Carberry – Acting (“Bella”)
Alex Lucchesi – Directing


Fiddler On The Roof

Paul Vitale – Acting (“Lazar Wolfe”)
Tim Vincent – (“Rabbi”)
San Donato – (“Tevye”)
Mary Hudson – (“Yente”)
Neal Truesdale – Lighting Design
Jeffrey Gage – Musical Direction


Lion in Winter

J.T. Turner – Acting (“King Henry II”)
Margaret McCarty – Acting (“Eleanor of Aquitaine”)
Kerry Kilkelly – Acting (“Alais”)
Ron Chibaro – Directing


Duane Morin – Acting (“Billy Bigelow”)
Laura Serafino – Acting (“Julie Jordan”)
Alice Vail Johannen – Acting (“Carrie Pipperidge”)
Natasha Starbuck Smith – Choreography
Brian Ocock – Vocal Direction
Jeffrey Gage – Musical Direction



J.T. Turner – Acting (“Salieri”)
Leigh Ann Price – Acting (“Constance Weber”)
Patrick Kilkelly – Acting (“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”)
Bradley Pennington – Musical Direction
Shaun McPartland – Props
Cara Green – Props
Priscilla Hendrick – Set Design


Shana Dirik – Acting (“Mame”)
Margaret McCarty – Acting (“Agnes Gooch”)
Matthew Evangelista – Acting (“Young Patrick”)
Justin Rello – Acting (“Young Patrick”)
Cast – Ensemble Performance
Kristen Hafferty – Stage Management
Susan Anderson – Stage Management
George Snow – Set Construction
Brian Ocock – Vocal Direction



Shana Dirik – Acting (“Lalume”)
Sam Donato – Acting (“Wazir”)
Kristen Huberdeau – Acting (“Mersinah”)
Patrick Watson – Acting (“The Caliph”)
Kim Smith & Orchestra – Ensemble Performance
Kristen Hafferty – Stage Management
Priscilla Hendrick – Set Design
Mark Mitchell – Set Design
George Snow – Set Design
Neal Truesdale – Lighting Design

All My Sons

J.T. Turner – Acting (“Joe Keller”)



Rand Sutton – Acting (“King Arthur”)
Sam Donato – Acting (“Pellinore”)
Bennett Delatizky – Acting (“Mordred”)
Ron Chibaro – Direction
Steve Finch – Vocal Direction
Bill Endslow – Set Design


Fifth of July

Company – Ensemble Performance


Company – Ensemble Performance
Elizabeth Sheeran – Choreography
Kim Smith – Musical Direction
Steve Finch – Vocal Direction
Jean McCluskey – Front of House
Jill Tapper – Front of House


My Fair Lady

Sam Donato – Acting (“Alfie Doolittle”)
Joe Neale – Acting (“Colonel Pickering”)
Kristen Hafferty – Stage Management
Set Crew
Elizabeth Sheeran – Choreography
Dance Ensemble – Dance Performance


Man Of Lamancha

Shana Dirik – Acting (“Aldonza”)
Dean Bruno – Acting (“Pedro”)
Sam Donato – Acting (“Innkeeper”)
Lisa Baird – Set Design
Sharron Cassavant – Program

Into The Woods

Shana Dirik – Acting (“Witch”)
Chris Bilodeau – Acting (“Rapunzel’s Prince”)
Peter Adams – Acting (“Cinderella’s Prince”)
Fred Guzaski – Musical Direction

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